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DAIWA reel 7.2:1 high-speed fishing reel 16KG maximum resistance long throw seawater


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Brand Name: Daiwa

Origin: JP(Origin)

Fishing Reels Type: Baitcast Reel

Position: Ocean Boat Fishing

Position: Ocean Rock Fshing

Position: Ocean Beach Fishing

Position: Management Field

Model Number: VS200

Gear Ratio: 7.2:1

+ Brand: DAIWA
+ Origin: Japan
+ Model: VS200
+ Support material: alloy body with fiber side cover
+ Driving gear material: high hard Copper(II) oxide
+ Rocker arm material: aluminum alloy
+ Speed ratio: 7.2:1
+ Number of bearings: 13+1
+ Self weight: 205g
+ Braking force: 16KG
+ Outlet: Fine ceramics
+ Winding amount: 0.260mm-180m . 0.285mm-150m . 0.300mm-110m .
+ Applicable water area: generally used in seawater

Throwing method

1.Firstly, control the false erbium at a position about 10CM away from the rod tip, and then point the rod tip towards the position of 4 o’clockSwing the bait in the direction of 10 o’clock. Pay attention to the point trajectory of the rod tip movement 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Positive Like playing golf swing.

2. Strength: At the beginning, you can use moderate strength, and after practicing a few more times, you can use a strong swing.

3. Technical focus: After throwing the bait, your eyes should start watching the movement of the fake bait, 10cm before it falls into the water-
At a distance of 20CM, you need to hold down the wire wheel with your thumb to prevent it from rotating or leaving the wire.

4. If you really don’t need to press and hold the wire wheel in a hurry, you can easily solve it by pulling the wire by hand for about 40-50CM,
If you control your thumb well, the water droplet wheel is very fun.

matters needing attention

1. When practicing, beginners should use
affordable nylon thread to avoid unnecessary

2. It is recommended to use the PE line with a
number of 0.8-2.

3. Throw at close range on time.

4. To pursue a longer distance, please adjust the “magnetic adjustment knob” according to the weight of the bait to move towards a smaller braking force and maximize your water droplet wheel. Visually observe the moment before it falls into the water

5. Please use heavier and larger fake bait for practice throwing, it is not suitable to use heavy lead instead. Heavy lead is not conducive, and a platform fishing method is used to lower the bait, swinging it out and reaching the desired point.

6. To achieve a longer throw distance, it is recommended to use a super hard rod!

7. It is not recommended to use a water droplet wheel to throw fake bait weighing less than 4 grams. Although I can throw a 2-gram lead hook and a small soft insect to 7-8 meters, throwing light bait still has the advantage of spinning the wheel.

8. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is no perfect one. I hope that according to my personal habits is the best.

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right hand line 0.8, right hand line 1.0, left hand line 1.2, left hand line 1.0, right hand line1.2, left hand line 0.8, left hand line 1.5, right hand line 1.5

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