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HOT! Earplugs Electronic Hearing protection Shooting Earmuff Ear protect Noise Reduction active hunting headphone


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Brand Name: None

Type: Headset

Origin: Mainland China

Style: In-ear


2.SHOOTING EARBUDS-Actfire earbuds are an in-ear device with both sound pickup and noise reduction. These functions work together to amplify quieter sounds like talking, while reducing loud sounds when shooting and hunting. Compared with traditional shooting earmuffs, a single shooting earplug weighs only 0.27 ounces, which is more lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear. And comes with a charging compartment, which can be used 8 hours a day, perfect for a day of shooting activities.

3.TWO NOISE REDUCTION MODES-The electronic earbuds have two noise reduction modes; indoor mode and outdoor mode. These modes effectively reduce echo and reverberation, and can be easily switched to best suit your environment. Compared with other earbuds, the actfire earbuds pay more attention to professionalism, the mode is simple, and it quickly enters the shooting hearing protection mode. In shooting, button operation is more convenient than touch operation.

4.DURABLE-The headset can be used for a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 8 hours. The battery save function will automatically turn off the headset after 2 hours of standby. The charging case provides 24 hours of use when fully charged, so the headset can be charged 3 times. More breathable than headphones. The lightweight design of the electronic shooter earbuds allows you to take them anywhere, just keep them in your pocket. They combine compatibility, portability and comfort.

5.EASE OF USE-Voice prompts and indicator lights simplify the use of earbuds. The fastest response times are less than 1 millisecond, which means they will instantly dampen ambient noise and protect the user’s hearing from damage. With the Type-C charging port, you can charge the earbuds with the included charger, as well as most other types of chargers.

6.CONVENIENCE-The case that comes with the Sport Shooter earbuds doubles as a charger and storage compartment, and each earbud and case itself has a battery level indicator. And comes with a detachable lanyard, 3 different sizes of earbuds, and a usb charging cable. This cool shooting gear is also the perfect gift for shooting enthusiasts.


Electronic Earplug is a more convenient and excellent hearing protection product. It adopts in-ear electronic hearing protection, which can help reduce continuous noise and impulse noise, while suppressing dangerous noises higher than 82 dB, and improve perception and communication in the noisy environments. There are two modes of indoor and outdoor to adjust the ambient sound. It is suitable for use in high-noise environments such as shooting training, law enforcement, manufacturing and construction, making work comfortable and efficient. The battery life can be up to 8 hours and there is a low-battery reminder. The portable charging case does not need to replace the battery, which is convenient for charging. Compared with traditional noise-canceling headphones, which are smaller and lighter in weight, the electronic earplugs combines compatibility, portability and comfort. It comes with a silicone Retention cord to prevent loss, and accessories such as earpieces cover and eartips of different sizes are convenient for users with different ear sizes.

– Noise reduction rating +NRR27
– Intuitive one-button operation
– Rechargeable, high battery life
– 2 sound effects (indoor and outdoor)
– Power, low battery prompt
– Automatic shutoff after charging, automatic shutdown after 2 hours standby
– Portable, comfortable and compatible
– Anti-lost silicone Retention cord
– 3 sizes of earpieces cover and eartips
– The included data cable can be used for charging
– IPX-4 water resistance



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